Heidi + Mareon


When I read her email, asking me to photograph her summer wedding, I let out a yelp that startled my husband and the cats.  “Queen Heidi wants me to photograph her wedding!”  Without going too far overboard with the glory days of high school, Heidi was Daffodil Queen when I was a junior–and she a senior–in high school.  I feel as awestruck by her grace and beauty as I did back then.  She and Mareon have a gentle, embracing kindness about them.  It is the highest honor to be allowed to witness to their joy.  (And a summer wedding in the PNW is about as good as life gets for me!)

Maggie – Class of 2017


Maggie had her whole family come to her Senior Portrait session, and it was obvious to me within a few seconds how close they all are.  I often wonder how people become who they are…and it always is the direct result of those around them.  Maggie is definitely destined for great things with such love from her very kind and loving family supporting her.